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72 DUSTER 340
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From 225's to 440's. Heads, blocks, cranks, rods and pistons. Engine assemblies that are re-builders have been stored inside out of the weather unless otherwise stated. Bare blocks were running engines that have been disassembled and also stored inside. As with any block, consider that you will have to send it through a machine shop before use (possibly need bored, line hone mains, etc).

If your project doesn't require a specific date code or casting number, and you are just looking for a block to start your build with, there are several choices. To help you make an informed choice, we recommend you take a look at these links to pages explaining some of the differences in blocks, casting numbers and dates:

Pile-O-Iron Cart-o-Parts



Unless otherwise noted, blocks are visually inspected for obvious defects or abuse. They will need to be sent to a machine shop, hot tanked, magnafluxed, mains line honed, decks squared and bored before use.



79 440: Cast# 4006630-440-3, cast date 8-16-78, pad stamp 9T440E, build date 8-30, no serial # on pan rail, hot tanked, line honed, decks squared, .030 bore, block with caps, $1300

77 440: Cast# 4006630-440-4, cast date 10-6-76, pad stamp 7T440E, build date 10-15, no serial # on pan rail, .060 bore, block with caps, $495

77 440HP: Cast# 4006630-440-1, cast date 7-7-77, pad stamp 7T440EHP, build date 3-31, serial#7A239069, standard bore, block with caps, $595


75 440: Cast# 4006630-440-10, cast date 11-19-74, pad stamp 5T440E, build date 2-5, no serial # on pan rail, standard bore, block with caps, $595

74 440: Cast# 3830930-440-6, cast date 4-1-74, pad stamp 4T440, build date 4-15, no serial # on pan rail, hot tanked, magnafluxed, mains line honed, decks squared, fresh .060 bore, bare block with main caps, $1300

72 440: Cast# 2536430-9, cast date 5-14-71, pad stamp H440, build date 9-22, serial#2F137090, block with caps, fuel pump access hole will need a little work from plug being drilled out, standard bore, $525 

69 440HP: Cast# 2536430-10, cast date 8-12-68, pad stamp E440HP, build date 9-11, Serial #RS23L9G126456. Bored .060, has 1 sleeve, very low run time, $450

67 440HP: All casting numbers removed, pad stamp C440 HP, build date 10-12, .060 bore, hot tanked, $450



                              Temporarily out of stock


                                      SMALL BLOCKS 


65 318: Wide block/poly complete running engine pulled from a 65 Coronet, ran fine when pulled and replaced by big block, complete from air cleaner to pan, fan to flexplate, manifolds and all still there. $500 

70 318: Cast date 09249, cast #2536030-318-4, left front stamp PM318R 29862011, complete 'running when pulled' engine minus intake. Was in 4 speed car. Will need rebuilt. $400

71 318: Cast date 8-31-70, cast # 2536030-318-11, complete running engine minus distributor and carb, has Edelbrock Performer 318/360 intake. Bone stock engine with 61K original miles out of a 71 challenger that I owned. Freshly steamed off and painted Hemi orange, has no problems and considered a drop-in and run engine as is. Install your ignition and pulleys and go. $1450

77 318: Cast date 8-28-76, cast #2536030-318-14, left front stamp HM318 01075257, complete engine with a 70 340 cast iron intake, valve covers, oil pan, spool motor mounts and water pump. Will need rebuild $400

79 318: Cast date 5-18-78, block and caps, $100

83 318, Cast#4104230-8, cast date 2-22-83, 4027168 heads, used truck engine that ran when pulled, good candidate for rebuild, complete minus intake, $175


Temporarily out of stock



Temporarily out of stock



452 heads 5 foot pile on wheels

No matter how you stack them, we have big-block heads. These are sold as cores to rebuild. Some sets are good enough to bolt on and run, and some are in need of being run through a machine shop for freshening. All pairs are assumed to be just cores and you might get lucky with a fresh set that needs little. 906. 452, 516, 902, 346, 324, 213, 915 casting numbers.

All big block heads except 915HP's and max wedge $150 a pair

All small block heads except X, J and T/A $100 a pair

340 X heads, fresh from the machine shop. Cleaned, magnafluxed, shot peened, worked over on a Serdi Machine, 16 new guides, hardened seats, new stainless valves, nice set of stock springs, new retainers and locks, ready to install. $1600/pair

340 J heads, used complete heads with valves and springs, considered cores that need rebuilt, $450/pair

Call for current availability. Inventory changes daily.




Cast 340 crank, 2.094 rod dia., 2.475 main dia, just polished, $200

Forged 440 crank, mains need turned .020, std rods, $200

Forged 440 crank, std mains and rods, needs polished, $250

383 crank, std, $150

Full set P3690834 Direct Connection forged pistons with full floating pins, .030 over, new in the box and impossible to find. Discontinued part. $500/set of 8

Truck oil pan with pickup tube, 318/B-RB/360 $150

Truck motor mounts, $90/pair